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Ao Haru Ride- Chapter 40


Taka log


"You're my obsession
My fetish, my religion
My confusion, my confession
The one I want tonight"
                           My Obsession by CINEMA BIZARRE

T H E   I W A T O B I S

Why was he smiling?



In Naruto OVA 7 Hinata becomes the center of the attention at one point, and yes Sasuke sees her too! **unnecessary SasuHina excitement squeal*

SasuHina Theory…Sort of? Connections Between Sasuke, Hinata, Kaguya and Orochimaru


I wanted to address the topics in this post to the SasuHina fandom, largely because we were among the few to notice these things while the rest of the fandom ignored it/overlooked it. This is not really insinuating a romantic relationship, but it does involve both Sasuke and Hinata.

If any of this plays out, we were among the first people to call it. I just wanted to bring attention to the interesting information SasuHina fans discovered early on.


Why does Sasuke seem to know so much about Kaguya?

He knew exactly who she was as soon as black zetsu said her name.


Most significantly, Sasuke also knew how to seal Kaguya.


Before Sasuke explained how to seal her, we did not know how it was done. Why does Sasuke, of all people, know about this?

Not only that, he seems to know the attributes of the byakugan, when previously, he never mentioned it.



So far, Sasuke knows how to seal Kaguya, has insight into her techniques, and even recognizes her by name.

It almost makes you wonder…what was Hagoromo’s conversation with Sasuke about? Because clearly Sasuke is aware of things about Kaguya that not even Naruto knew (like the method used to seal her).


Doesn’t Kaguya strike you as someone who is not “all the way there”? It is almost as if she has lost a part of her consciousness, and now she does not know what to do without it.

When she was trying to absorb Sasuke and Naruto’s chakra, she started crying.


Then all of a sudden, she declares that she hates them. Huh?


We already know that she wants all of the chakra back.

But maybe Kaguya is missing something else… like a heart.

Which brings me to my third point,

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