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Sakura or Hinataasked anonymous

 Because you are my dream itself...


"I’m ready to bear this hatred if it means to protect my brother and my clans pride."

"I witnessed everything, and I will continue to watch.
If you as much as hurt Sasuke, I will pass on classified Village intel to every enemy nation.”



You…should worry about your insides getting uglier more than worrying about your face. —Takano Kyohei (via everythingyamanade)

たまこラブストーリー ; 大路 もち蔵

What if Naruto’s parents are still alive? What if the tragedy that happened to the Uchiha clan didn’t happen and Sasuke’s happy with his family esp with his brother Itachi? What if the Hyuuga clan treated Hinata as a perfect heiress, esp Hiashi being proud of his daughter (and Hinata’s mother is still alive)? What if the Legendary Sannins never took different paths?

These What ifs… but then, if these what ifs happened, the Naruto series we’re currently reading and we’ve grown to love, wouldn’t be here, it would be full of happy stuff only and we’ll never see things in a realistic way wherein we could relate to.