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Hinata was a quiet person by nature. Gentle. Given enough time in her presence, it was a conclusion anyone would make. But after the war is over and her happily ever after is supposed to begin, Neji’s body lies still in her lap, and the guttural scream that leaves her is anything but meek or unrestrained.
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Sasu-chan’s proud “Heh” at his teammates’ accomplishments because no matter what Sasu-chan says, he’s a proud mamabear.

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                           T  E  A  M    7

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sad naruto headcanon where the reason why ramen is naruto’s favorite food is not because he inherited the fondness over the food from either of his parents. no. it was because it was the only thing that somebody didn’t refuse to sell him when he was a kid. it was the only food he could get his…

I think it’s not just a headcanon :”( more like it’s canon… (okay I’m overreacting because of the feels)

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 This always happens. I tell myself, “This is only going to be a sketch, nothing fancy” and end up with a full-colored and shaded drawing or comic… every time.

I used tsundere-girl’s design for Hinata. Thanks for 204 followers! At the beginning of the month I had 105 :0

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Namaikizakari | Machida & Naruse ♥
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Just reminding everybody that the female voice actors in free! also voices the babies. 

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『Future Fish』

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